At the island you can find a sheltered harbor basin, where there are places for large vessels with draft of 4m. In addition there is a separate dock for small boats with less draft. Beach café and souvenir shop are also located at the port.


Only overnight stay will be charged. Charge for one night is 23 €/boat. Price includes water and access to showers and toilets. Electricity 8 €/day, will be charged separately. Free WLAN. When paying the dock fee, you will get the code number for the shower and toilet facilities, as well as the pier passport. Every sixth night is free. General sauna turns 10€ / person (lighthouse sauna) 10€ / person beach sauna. Men and women of their own turn.

Private sauna for over night guests 38€ / 50min (lighthouse sauna). Beach sauna 50€ / 50min.


For guests staying over night at the marina, toilet and shower are located on the ground floor of the lighthouse building. At the port there is also a beach café and a souvenir shop. During the summer season, the lighthouse´s restaurant is open from early morning until late at night. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Private saunas and hot tub are also available.

the island

Kylmäpihlaja is the outermost of Rauma´s large islands. Lighthouse and pilot station were built in 1952-1953. This building replaced the Rauma lighthouse ship, which was transferred to Kemi foreground. Kylmäpihlaja tower and the wing of the building at that time, had room for a total of 12 pilots, eight for cutter and two for lighthouse men.


Strong and square lighthouse tower rises 31 meters above its base and 36 m above sea level. It has 12 floors and 104 steps. The beacon light range is dropped from the former 27 miles at 17 miles. Today, the lighthouse is used for tourism. It is owned by the City of Rauma, but there is an independent entrepreneur - West Coast Seaservice.


West Coast Sea Services' waterbusses are a convenient way to reach Kylmäpihlaja. Our vessels M/V Apollonia and M/V Linnea carry you safely to the lighthouse. Home port for the ships is at Poroholma camping site in Rauma.

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61°8′40″N, 21°18′10″E

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